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It’s no secret that corporate CEOs game the system to their favor. There’s a maze of loopholes, carve-outs, and tax dodges for big corporations like Walmart that the rest of us wouldn’t dream of getting. These big corporations are riding the corporate gravy train. And taxpayers like us are paying the fare.

In California, the poster child for the corporate gravy train is the so-called “enterprise zone” tax credit program. The program is supposed to encourage job creation in disadvantaged areas. But the only thing it actually encourages is more of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars flowing to richest of the rich. The program is so broken and wasteful that recent reports revealed enterprise zones even give tax dollars to strip clubs.

Taxpayer money shouldn't subsidize wealthy mega-corporations like Walmart that treat their workers poorly and pay their CEOs outrageous amounts. And it shouldn't subsidize low-wage jobs in strip clubs and card rooms. 

And California lawmakers agree, and have finally ended the Corporate Gravy Train! In June 2013, the California Legislature approved AB 93 and SB 90, which would flip the broken Enterprise Zone program into a real engine for quality job creation. Gov. Brown is expected to sign the bill into law promptly.

Learn more about the new Enteprise Zone reform law.